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Rural Long Range Transportation Plan 2015-2040

The Maumee Valley Planning Organization (MVPO) has developed a rural long range regional transportation plan for Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, and Williams Counties with a horizon year of 2040.  Development of the plan was funded in part by a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation to review existing transportation conditions and propose improvements.  The plan is multi-modal and encompasses traffic volumes, crashes, road and bridge conditions, rail crossings and train characteristics, environmental issues, recreational trails, population areas including age and environmental justice areas, and other areas pertaining to transportation and planning for the region.



The Moving Together 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan is provided in PDF format below. Questions or comments about the plan can be directed to Ellen Smith by phone (419-784-3882) or through the comment submission form below.


Front of Document   

Table of Contents   

1 Introduction and Acknowledgements   

2 Goals and Objectives   

3 Regional Context   

4 Existing Conditions 4.1-4.4

4 Existing Conditions 4.5-4.6   

4 Existing Conditions 4.7-4.8   

4 Existing Conditions 4.9-4.12   

4 Existing Conditions 4.13-4.15   

5 Future Conditions   

6 Needs Analysis   

7 Plan Recommendations   

8 Funding Sources Identified  

9 Public Participation  

Appendix A- Regional Context   

Appendix B- Existing Conditions   

Appendix C- Future Conditions   

Appendix D- Plan Recommendations   

Appendix E- Public Participation   

Appendix F- Other Plans and Policies   




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Public Participation: Spring, 2015


MVPO held a series of public meetings in March of 2015 with one meeting in each of the five counties. The purpose of these meetings was to update the public on Moving Together 2040 as well as to present the identified potential projects that were prioritized for inclusion in the long range plan. See 'Draft Final Project Rankings' and 'Draft Final Project Rankings Map' to view the documents that were distributed at each meeting. The doors for each meeting opened at 6 p.m., a presentation was given at 6:30 p.m., and time for questions was provided at the end of each meeting.


Draft Final Project Rankings  

Draft Final Project Rankings Map  


Calendar of upcoming events:




Public Participation: Spring, 2014


MVPO conducted a series of public meetings during the months of April and May as well as a public transportation opinion survey to gather public input about the current transportation system in the MVPO region. Valuable information was obtained from these public participation events and will be used to shape the Moving Together 2040 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan. The results of the transportation opinion survey have been summarized and assessed and a link to the final document is provided below.


Survey Results and Assessment  


The public comment period for MVPO's Public Participation Plan (PPP) has ended. This plan outlines how MVPO will engage the public throughout all transportation planning processes. The PPP outlines MVPO's goals for involving the public and the strategies and techniques for achieving these goals. A link to this plan is provided below:


Public Participation Plan  


Coordination of Rural Transportation Services in Northwest Ohio

MVPO hosted a meeting with the ODOT Office of Transit on Tuesday, December 10th about the concepts of coordination and mobility management in rural Ohio. ODOT stressed the importance of these strategies in taking a proactive approach to improve transportation services and how a coordinated transportation plan can make a region or county eligible for more federal funding.  Notes were given on how to begin the creation of a coordinated plan and how mobility management supports coordination. Provided below are links to the resources mentioned during the presentation, the list of meeting attendees and the power point presentation given by David Walker of ODOT.


Office of Transit Presentation

Defiance Roundtable Attendees


ODOT: Office of Transit  

Federal Transit Administration

National Center for Mobility Management

Cost Sharing Model (Scroll Down to Publications)

United We Ride & the Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility



Regional Transportation Planning Organization Pilot Program

In the spring of 2013, MVPO was chosen by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to form a Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for a two year pilot program. Previous to this formation, ODOT had been informally meeting with local elected officials in the rural areas to carry out statewide planning. However, they wanted to formalize and strengthen this rural consultation and the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) act provided the framework for states to develop RTPO's in order to do this. Through this program, MVPO will: develop a long range transportation plan, develop transportation planning expertise, and conduct interagency consultation as well as stakeholder outreach.



Ohio's Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan

ODOT has updated Ohio’s Statewide Transportation Plan, Access Ohio 2040. This plan is important to Ohio’s future as it sets the stage for ODOT’s transportation policies and investment strategies for the coming years. This is an update to the previous plan, Access Ohio 2030, which was released in 2004. Access Ohio 2040 will help to ensure that ODOT meets their mission, “to provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place.”


For all the latest documents produced as part of Access Ohio 2040, please visit the Access Ohio Official Website by clicking the link shown below.


  • Access Ohio 2040